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Life Is Full Of A Million Mysteries,
There Is A Path For Each Of Us To Walk Down That Serves Our Soul Best.
Let Me Help You Find That Path.

My Services

I Offer In Person Readings, by Phone, Skype and Also By Email.
It’s Up To You To Choose Which Methods Suits Your Needs.


Sometimes we feel a little stuck on our paths. This Live reading can bring clarity to the questions and emotions you have inside. We can set you on the path your soul was meant to walk, and allow you to heal and find the core issues stopping you from really growing as a soul.


Using your akashic records and communicating with your guides, I give you a written description of a lifetime that your guides wanted you to see. This can help identify blockages or energy cords still attached to your current lifetime.

In-depth reading and healing

I connect with who you, and your guides for the reading in a live session. We get the the core roots of blockages that may be holding you back. Your guides show me the specific things that need to be healed, allowing me a special insight into the real issues so we may heal them and bring them light.

Twin Flame and Soulmate Healing

Old lovers, current lovers, and future lovers are all explored with this healing. In this live session we look at the blockages that are holding you back from really experiencing unconditional love for yourself and with your partner, soulmate or twin flame.


Pease check out my shop for full list of prices and options that best suit your needs.


All readings are scheduled by appointment. I know that some of you Lovely people may be on different sides of the world, so I try to work
with you in those circumstances. I do my Reading with video but I’m happy to work with whatever you are comfortable with. Check out my shop for a list of services and options.

Privacy is something I take very seriously, so any information that you share with me, stays with only me. Trust is a very important in this work, and you have mine. I ask that you come to the session with love in your heart and a willingness to grow and change.

Making Magic

Wonderful spirit! You are truly gifted! Thank you so much for this reading and healing, it has been amazing! I will come back very soon! Much love.


Danielle, you have changed my life forever! I felt completely connected to your energy and spirit.  You are something extraordinary. Thank you again! You are a Goddess!


Danielle’s craft and Divine gifts are a beautiful credit to her and her ability to connect with spirit to gift clarity for those in need of deeper connection to soul.

Sarah Jayne

Danielle has a beautiful gift that she shares with the world. I am very grateful to have ever met her.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Danielle, for guiding me through the journey when I need help and advice. She inspires me which allow me to breakthrough and flow with the energy freely.


Danielle has a passion for helping people with her gifts. She answers your questions with insight, heart, and compassion.